Reboot your Compliance Management with Digitalisation!


Compliance management in India is complex and needs expertise.

The traditional methods of managing compliances through spreadsheets & emails do not work anymore. Manual systems break down under the burden of 1,536 Acts and 69,233 possible compliances. Digitisation makes the entire process seamless and reduces costs and saves time. However, adopting a software solution is not as straightforward as one would like to believe. Enhanced transparency and accountability due to systems and software often exposes vulnerabilities. There is a perceived loss of control leading to internal push back and resistance to adoption.

At Avantis, we believe that Compliance is a journey. Building a Culture of Compliance does not happen overnight. It requires digitisation, continued focus, and adoption of best practices.

In this webinar, we will explore

  • Five most common roadblocks in implementing a compliance management software

  • Best Practices to build a culture of Compliance

  • Ideas to enable greater adoption of Software Solution


Rishi Agrawal

Co-Founder & CEO
Avantis Regtech

Monday 12th May 2021

3:00pm, IST

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