Role of Technology in Managing Compliance during the Lock-Down!


The virus and the lock-down is affecting our families, colleagues, and businesses. It also exposes some of our vulnerabilities that we didn’t know existed.

While most of the workforce is working remotely from home, compliance management becomes a complex task during the lock-down.

More and more organizations are today realizing that their current compliance processes through spreadsheets & emails do not work anymore and the entire compliance management needs a fresh start.

At Avantis, we believe that the Role of Technology in Managing Compliance during the current scenario has become more important than ever before.

Using technology, organizations have reduced their missed compliance by over 90% and penalties by over 95%. Digital apps have made key processes transparent, accountable, and timely. Software-based solutions have helped manage repetitive and non-value-adding activities; saving both time and money.

This webinar is about understanding compliance management during the lock-down and the role technology can play in effectively playing it.


Rishi Agrawal

Co-Founder & CEO
Avantis Regtech

Wednesday 23rd June 2021

3:00pm, IST

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