Assam PCB issues guidelines for industrial units before resuming operation during COVID-19

May 22, 2020 | by Avantis RegTech Legal Research Team

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EHS Compliance

The Assam Pollution Control Board (Assam PCB) on May 11, 2020 has issued guidelines for industrial units before resuming operation under the Manufacture, Storage and Import of Hazardous Chemicals Rules, 1989 and the Chemical Accidents (Emergency Planning, Preparedness and Response) Rules, 1996. The industrial units must following guidelines:-

 A safety and hazard audit should be undertaken by all the units before resuming operation.

 All units must ensure that pollution control equipments are in good conditions before resuming operation.

 Units must take care while handling hazardous chemical by using trained manpower.

 Units must ensure safety of workers and residents in that area,

 The industries must upto-date insurance policy under the Public Liability Insurance Act, 1991 and copy should be submitted to PCBA, without fail.

[Notice No. WB/G-1548/19-20/62]


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