MPCB issues guidelines for collection, transportation and disposal of wastes during COVID-19

May 02, 2020 | by Avantis RegTech Legal Research Team

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EHS Compliance

The Maharashtra Pollution Control Board (MPCB) on April 04, 2020, has issued guidelines for collection, transportation and disposal of suspected COVID-19 waste and solid waste from quarantined homes and containment areas. The Board has authorised total 30 Common Bio Medical Waste Treatment Facilities (BMW CTFs) to cater all the health care establishments and hospitals operating in the state. They are collecting the biomedical waste from the hospitals on daily basis.

The guidelines are as follows:

1) The facemasks, hand gloves and other protective equipment used by the citizens, health workers, laboratory personnel dealing with/from the quarantined households shall be collected separately in yellow plastic bags with biohazard symbol and marked as “COVID-19 Waste”.

2) After spraying disinfectant at the point of generation, the ‘Yellow’ bags will be handed over to the Bio-Medical Waste Common Treatment Facility (CTF) operator.

3) The ‘Yellow’ bag waste shall be collected and transported by the CTF operator through dedicated vehicle for treatment at CTF.

4) The officer in charge of Urban local body and CTF shall maintain the records of handing over of such ‘Yellow’ bag waste and CTF operator shall share the disposal records on daily basis to MPCB web portal.

5) The other Municipal Waste generated from quarantined homes/area will be collected in ‘Black’ bags after on-site disinfection.

6) The on-site disinfected ‘Black’ bag waste shall be collected and transported through small closed vehicles to the designated Municipal Solid Waste landfill site. The vehicles after unloading shall be sanitized thoroughly after every use.

7) At the landfill site, such waste will be sprayed with Sodium Hypochlorite or other approved surface cleaner and same shall be buried deep and shall be covered with the same excavated material.

8) The personnel handling ‘Yellow’ and ‘Black’ bags shall be provided with personal protectives and enough disinfectant at both the point of generation and disposal.

These guidelines shall be communicated to all the Urban local bodies in the state for safe management of Municipal solid waste and Biomedical waste from the home quarantined or containment areas.



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