MoEF amends the Environment Impact Assessment Notification, 2006

Apr 06, 2020 | by Avantis RegTech Legal Research Team

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EHS Compliance

The Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change (MoEF & CC) on March 28, 2020, has made amendment in the Environment Impact Assessment Notification, 2006. The amendments are made in Appendix – IX of the EIA Notification, 2006, seeking an exemption of certain cases from requirement of environment clearance is substituted. 

The following cases shall not require Prior Environmental Clearance: -

1. Extraction of ordinary clay or sand by manual mining, by the Kumhars (Potter) to prepare earthen pots, lamp, toys, etc. as per their customs.

2. Extraction of ordinary clay or sand by manual mining, by earthen tile makers who prepare earthen tiles.

3. Removal of sand deposits on agricultural field after flood by farmers.

4. Customary extraction of sand and ordinary earth from sources situated in Gram Panchayat for personal use or community work in village. 

5. Community works, like, de-silting of village ponds or tanks, construction of village roads, ponds or bunds undertaken in Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment and Guarantee Schemes, other Government sponsored schemes and community efforts.

6. Extraction or sourcing or borrowing of ordinary earth for the linear projects such as roads, pipelines, etc. 

7. Dredging and de-silting of dams, reservoirs, weirs, barrages, river and canals for the purpose of their maintenance, upkeep and disaster management. 

8. Traditional occupational work of sand by Vanjara and Oads in Gujarat.

9. Manual extraction of lime shells (dead shell), shrines, etc., within inter tidal zone by the traditional community. 

10. Digging of wells for irrigation or drinking water purpose. 

11. Digging of foundation for buildings, not requiring prior environmental clearance.

12. Excavation of ordinary earth or clay for plugging of any breach caused in canal, nallah, drain, water body, etc., to deal with any disaster or flood like situation upon orders of the District Collector or District Magistrate or any other Competent Authority. 

13. Activities declared by the State Government under legislations or rules as non-mining activity.

[Notification No. S.O. 1224(E)]


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