Government of Rajasthan declares lockdown till March 31, 2020

Mar 24, 2020 | by Avantis RegTech Legal Research Team

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The State Government of Rajasthan on March 22, 2020 has declared lock down up to March 31, 2020.

The State Government of Rajasthan directs that the following Offices / Establishments / Institutions / Factories and Workshops / Warehouses and Godowns and Services will remain closed during this period with the exceptions as stated below:

1. Government Offices:

A. State Government, Autonomous Bodies, Corporations etc: Close down – All


(1) Important Departments in the Secretariat (only essential sections / minimal staff) like Medical and Health (including Ayurved), Home, Finance, RD&PR, L.S.G., Food and Civil Supplies, DoIT, SJED, Labour and DIPR.

(2) Police, Home Guards, Jails and FSL

(3) District Administration

(4) Public Utilities – Electricity Corporations, PHED (operational part)

(5) Municipal Bodies – operational part like sanitation, fogging, fire etc.

(6) Zila Parishad and Panchayat Samitis (essential sections only), Gram Panchayat.

(7) Hospitals and all Medical related establishments, including Animal Husbandry

(8) RTO / DTO offices

(9) Offices ordered to be opened by Finance Department

(10) Any other office considered necessary by the Collector

(11) Mandis (Foodstuff related items only, Fruits and Vegetable Mandis)

(12) RSWC Godowns

For those offices that are shut down, the officers / employees shall remain on “work from home” basis, and can be summoned for duty as required.

B. Government of India offices, Autonomous Bodies, Corporations etc: Close down – All

Exceptions: Defence, Police, Para Military, Tax / Revenue related, Medical services and related, Public Utilities, FCI, Post offices, Railways, Airports, Doordarshan, All India Radio and any other media.

2. Commercial and Private Establishments: Close down – All


(1) Hospitals, Dispensaries, Clinics, etc. and all related to medical services and equipment etc.

(2) Shops dealing in food, groceries and provisions, medicines, medical equipment, PDS only such shops in malls can also remain open.

(3) Diaries and Milk Booths

(4) Banks and ATMs

(5) Press and Media offices and establishments

(6) IT and ITes Companies

(7) Restaurants and Eateries – only take away

(8) Petrol Pumps, LPG Bottling plants, Petroleum and Gas Stations / Depots / product outlets etc.

(9) Telecom and Internet services

(10) Power Generation Units

(11) Depositories, Stock Brokers and SEBI Registered Participants, operating through these Institutions.

3. Factories and Workshops: Close down – All

Exceptions: those dealing in:

(1) Medical supplies / equipment

(2) Food related / food processing industries, including aata chakkis

(3) Those of a continuous nature where immediate shutting down would disrupt the on-going process for a long time or not possible

(4) Chemical factories till such time that the on-going production cycle is completed.

(5) Manufacturing units engaged in production of essential commodities.

4. Warehouses and Godowns: All close, except those related to food items, essential commodities, medicines and medical equipment.

5. Transport: Close – All Public Passenger Transport Vehicles: 


(1) Ambulances

(2) Vehicles / Cabs owned or contracted by exempted categories for transportation of staff to work place and back

(3) Vehicles given permit for personal / family emergency use by authorized officials

(4) Taxis to and for from airport, hospitals to home

(5) Vehicles used for Home Delivery – food / couriers

[Order No. F.33(2) Home/Gr.9/2019]


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