Regarding on going Covid 19 pandemic Instructions provided by AICTE to Institutes and Colleges during lockdown

Jul 22, 2021 | by Avantis RegTech Legal Research Team

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Commercial Compliance

Ministry of Education on July 07, 2021, has issued Instructions for Institutes/Colleges during lockdown

The following guidelines are being re-issued by AICTE for strict compliance by all Colleges and institutions:

l. Payment of full fee and shall collect it in 3 I 4 equal installments till normalcy is restored. Accordingly, all colleges/institutions are directed to display this information on their website and communicate the same to all the students through e-mail.

2. Payment of salary to the faculty member with no termination of faculty without enough disciplinary ground & due process of redressal. Salary and other dues to the faculty/staff members shall be released monthly on time and terminations (if any) made during the lockdown shall be withdrawn. This is to be complied strictly. Discouraging fake news: Various interest groups/individuals are circulating fake news on social media platforms thereby creating misinformation and rumors.

3. Discouraging fake news regarding various interest groups/individuals are circulating fake news on social media platforms thereby creating misinformation and rumors. Discouraging any such fake news and reporting the matter to concerned authorities would be the prime responsibility of all stakeholders. It is also advised that any information published on the official website of MoE/UGC/AICTE only may be relied upon. Hence, these websites should be regularly perused for any updates. Similarly, for other government circulars, official websites of the concerned Ministries/Departments may be referred to.

4. Sharing of internet bandwidth with other Colleges/Institutions: Due to the inability of certain students to access internet services, colleges/institutions are advised to allow students at other colleges/institutions in their vicinity to access the internet facility at their colleges/institutions. Hence, colleges/ institutions may accordingly permit students at other colleges/ institutions to share their campus internet wi-fi facility against showing i-card of a college where they are studying. Attendance rule may be relaxed in the light of lockdown and non-availability of bandwidth in certain remote areas.

All Colleges and institutions shall strictly adhere to these instructions, any instance of non-compliance reported to the Council, if proved, shall attract severe penal action as per norms.




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