Andhra Pradesh Government has issued a notification on YSR Bima Scheme for COVID-19 affected BPL families

Jun 29, 2021 | by Avantis RegTech Legal Research Team

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The Labour, Factories, Boilers & Insurance Medical Services Department (Andhra Pradesh) on June 28, 2021 has issued a notification on YSR BIMA Scheme for providing Rs. 1 lakh natural death relief directly from Government and Rs. 5 lakh accidental death/ permanent disability relief through group insurance scheme to the primary bread earner’s of BPL families.

Government has approved the implementation of  "YSR Bima Scheme" with following modifications for the benefit of approximately 1.32 crore members of poor, below poverty line families focusing on the Primary Bread Earner of the BPL Family with an estimated approximate expenditure of Rs.407.04 crores during the year 2021-22:

•Providing Rs. 1 lakh in case of natural death relief directly from Government in the age group of 18-50 years.

•Providing Rs. 5 lakh in case of accidental death/ permanent disability relief under suitable Group Insurance Scheme by payment of premium by Labour Department to the Competitive Insurance Agency to the nominee of the beneficiary in the age group of 18-70 years.

Following Amendments/Modifications have been made by the government to the YSR BIMA scheme w.e.f July 01, 2021 :

• All Primary Bread earners belonging to BPL families in the State, in the age group of 18 to 70 years are eligible to be enrolled as beneficiaries of new YSR- Bima Scheme.

• "Labour Department" is the "Nodal Agency" and the "GSWS Department" is the "Implementing Agency".

• The GSWS Department will resurvey the Primary Bread Earners of the BPL families and register the beneficiaries under YSR BIMA.

• All Primary Bread earners belonging to BPL families in the State will be registered through a Door-Door Survey to be undertaken by the Grama/ Ward Volunteers and enrol them as beneficiaries under YSR- Bima Scheme.

• A designated Officer of the Grama Sachivalayam/Ward Sachivalayam i.e., Welfare Assistant shall be the Registering Authority.

• Guidelines for Implementation of YSR Bima Scheme:

1. All Grams/wards sachivalayams will act as YSR BIMA scheme facilitation centres for registration or enrolment.

2. Implementing agency for this scheme will be GSWS Department and the Director.

3. Implementing Agency (GSWS) should identify the members who are eligible to be covered under the scheme.

4. Data should be accepted by the Department of Labour after due validation.

5. For the purpose of admission into the scheme, the member have to sign a formal enrolment form and the declaration of good health.

• Eligibility Criteria: The members should be aged between 18 completed years and 70 years. He/ She should be from Below Poverty line. He/ She should be Primary Bread earning member.

• Verification of Age: The Nodal Agency has to satisfy that the member covered under the Scheme is in the respective age group as desired by the scheme. Age admission will be done based on Aadhar or any other document as specified in the notification under section 7 of the Aadhar Act.

• Appointment of Nominee: Every insured member have to appoint one or more from the spouse or children or dependents to be the nominee or nominees in accordance with Section 39 of Insurance Act 1938. In the event of death of the insured member while being covered under the Scheme, the benefits of insurance cover as assured on his life will be paid to the nominee. If the insured member does not have a spouse or child/children or dependents, then he will appoint his legal representative to be the nominee.

• Servicing of the Scheme: The Nodal Agency will coordinate with all concerned Implementing Agencies to adopt a strong IT based system to service the Scheme. The implementing agencies will maintain centralized data base of the insured members.

• Master policy & ID Card: The Nodal agency (Department of Labour) will be the master policy holder. The Implementing agency will submit the details of the individual beneficiary and the nodal agency will issue a separate unique ID card to each beneficiary along with a standardized introduction letter from Hon'ble Chief Minister addressed to each individual beneficiary family enumerating the benefits, process, procedures, time lines and grievance redressal mechanism of the scheme.

• The details of the scheme and modalities of implementation of the scheme will be as specified in the Annexure appended to this Notification.

• At the District level the Scheme should be monitored closely by the Joint Collector (Welfare) to ensure the claims are settled within 15 days of the death of the Primary Bread earner.

• At the State level the APGIC should provide the necessary technical support for better implementation and monitoring of the scheme from time to time

[Notification No. G.O.Ms.No.7]


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