Draft Regulations for providing Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure

Mar 02, 2021 | by Avantis RegTech Legal Research Team

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Industry Specific Compliance

The Government of Karnataka on January 29, 2021 has issued the Draft Regulations for providing Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure under Karnataka Town & Country Planning Act 1961. 

The following amendments have been made: 

• Regulation 1, which specifies the Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure (EVCI), has been incorporated, namely: 

“Charging infrastructure (CI) shall be provided for Electric Vehicles (EVs) in 20% of the total parking spaces required, to be provided as per the Zonal Regulations in force for all types of buildings. The provisions shall be for CI for private use or for Public Charging Stations (PCS) as specified herein. Additionally, the building shall have an additional power load, equivalent to the power required for all charging point (for the CI or in a PCS) to be operated simultaneously, with a safety factor of 1.25 (Refer-Annexure-A).”

• Regulation 1.1, which specifies the charging infrastructure for residential buildings (plotted house), has been incorporated, namely: 

“The charging infrastructure requirements for individual house or self use shall be as specified in the table below:

1. For ownership of station the plotted house shall be private (owner). 

2. For connection and metering the plotted house shall be domestic meter. 

3. For type of charger the plotted house shall be slow charger as per the owner’s requirement. 

4. For modes of charging the plotted house shall be AC (single charging gun). 

5. For the norms of provisions, the plotted house shall be Minimum 1 SC and additional provisions as per the individual owner. 

• Regulation 1.2, which specifies all other buildings (including apartment buildings or group housing), has been incorporated, namely: 

“Any CI installed at public or private areas or building premises of any category that caters to commercial mode of charging of EVs shall be deemed as a Public Charging Station (PCS) and shall have to install the minimum requirements of chargers as specified in the guidelines issued vide No.12/2/2018-EV, dated 14.12.2018 and the subsequent amendments notified by the Ministry of Power, Government of India, and referred at Annexure-B below. However, in order to provide sufficient charging points for the EV share in all vehicles as under clause 3 of Annexure A, the ratio of types of chargers shall be as specified in the Table.”

• Annexure A, which specifies the technology, options, specifications of EV charging and PCS infrastructure, has been inserted. 

• Annexure B, which specifies the charging infrastructure for electric vehicles (guidelines and standards), has been inserted. 

All persons likely to be affected thereby and notice is hereby given that the said draft will be taken into consideration after 30 days from the date of its publication in the Official Gazette. Any objection/suggestions which may be received by the State Government from any person with respect to the said draft regulations before the expiry of the period specified above will be considered by the State Government. Objections and suggestions may be addressed to the Principal Secretary to Government, Urban Development Department, Vikas Soudha, Bengaluru-560 001.

[Notification No. UDD 18 TTP 2020]



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