SOP for the procedure to be followed by authorities and inmates of Hostels once hostels are opened for occupants

Feb 23, 2021 | by Avantis RegTech Legal Research Team

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The Education Department of Meghalaya on February 02, 2021 has issued a Standard of Procedure (SOP) describing the procedure to be followed by authorities and inmates of hostels once hostels are opened for occupants.

Following is the procedure:

1. Before opening of the hostel’s authorities of the hostels (Govt or private) shall conduct awareness programme maintaining physical distancing for would be inhabitants of the hostels on Covid-19 pandemic and protocols to be followed.

2. Inmates shall strictly adhere to the Covid-19 advisory, issued by Government of Meghalaya.

3. Rooms shall be allotted on single occupancy basis as far as practical. Strict perimeter control shall be ensured in case of occupancy in dormitories to always ensure at least six feet physical distance.

4. Inmates always shall maintain physical distancing of at least six feet within premises of the hotel.

5. No groups or social gathering inside the hotel campus. 

6. Prohibition of sharing items among in mates. 

7. Restriction of movement outside the hostel campus other than when it is necessary to attend classes.

8. Avoid taking food from outside.

9. The seating capacity of the students in the dining table should not exceed 1/3rd capacity of the dining area. The timing shall be scattered. And the opening and closing maybe extended.

10. Appropriate distance of minimum of 2 meters should be maintained.

11. Food waste to be disposed off immediately and effectively.

12. Students to maintain hygienic conditions in hostel premises and other utility areas all the time.

13. Display boards mentioning state helpline numbers and emergency services numbers shall be installed at conspicuous locations within the premises.

14. Display boards mentioning Dos, Don'ts, and preventive measures for Covid-19 shall be installed at conspicuous locations within the premises.

15. Any inmate who shows symptoms of covid-I9 should be kept in isolation immediately and a care giver shall be immediately deployed.

[Notification No: No. EDN/48/2020/Pll16]



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