Your business environment is complex, highly dynamic and constantly changing. As you grow your business, you are venturing into new markets, new geographies, new industries and new product categories. You are also constantly re-balancing your product and business portfolios leading to M&A activities, raising debt and equity among others.

In addition, the last few years have seen a massive shift in the regulatory environment in India.These changes are making board and executives more responsible and accountable. In addition, the cost of non-compliance in many cases go beyond mere financial penalties and make provisions for criminal proceedings and jail term.

As a CXO, you are under pressure to attest to a robust compliance and risk management program in your organisation. While you are accountable for the outcomes, the available tools at your disposal fall short and do not enable you with actionable and complete information required to make decisions. As a result, you and your team are constantly stressed and keep fighting frequent fires.

Our Solution

Avacom is a highly adaptable software product designed to improve compliance management that replaces people dependent manual processes. Avacom manages your compliances, stores your documents, and enables audits and seamless monitoring across the globe.

Avacom provides a comprehensive solution to organization’s complete compliance requirements. It can scale across multiple geographies, supporting compliance tasks at various organizational levels. With over 700 Acts preconfigured, it creates a robust compliance framework. It generates comprehensive “Group level Compliance Dashboards” for consistent reporting across all locations.”

Key Product Features

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